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Examples of Construction Accidents and Injuries

Date Added: August 04, 2011 03:17:41 AM
Author: admin
Category: Personal Injury Lawyer

Examples of Construction Accidents and Injuries

Construction workers are involved in many types of accidents at construction sites.

The most common accidents include heavy equipment roll over accidents, crane malfunction accidents and ladder malfunction accidents. These accidents often occur when workers lose control of the equipment they use while they work on projects.


All details herein provided are for educational purposes only, contact an experienced Construction Accident Attorney in Chicago for additional details where required.

Other construction accidents can occur at job sites if workers fail to follow OSHA safety requirements. For example, construction workers are accidentally exposed to asbestos when they fail to properly seal off the areas where asbestos is located. Moreover, construction workers can also accidentally drop tools on people's heads, feet or hands if they forget to properly secure the tools to a workbench or a vice.

Other construction injuries such as sunstroke or excessive sunburn are often difficult to determine. This is the case because many of these injuries could have occurred while the worker was traveling to or from the worksite. As a result, many construction workers often fail to report these injuries to their supervisors until it is too late for proper recourse.

Finally, auto accidents, slips and falls can also be classified as construction accidents if they occur at a construction site. This is the case because most state and federal laws consider these accidents to be work related if they occur at a construction site.

--Construction workers can suffer many injuries if they are involved in any of these accidents.

For example, construction workers can suffer minor cuts, scrapes, or bruises if they are involved in a machine malfunction accident or a ladder malfunction accident. This is the case because the accidents cause construction workers to suffer impacts with machines or other surfaces that cause these injuries.

Moreover, construction workers can also suffer a variety of burns, sprains and broken bones in accidents. These more serious injuries occur when workers are involved in high-impact collisions with machines or when a ladder or scaffold suddenly gives way. This is the case because the collisions that cause some accidents cause more significant injuries to some workers' bones, skin or muscles.

Finally, some construction workers suffer more serious internal injuries to organs and internal bleeding after being involved in more serious accidents. These injuries are often life threatening because they do great damage to the body's vital organs and other vital tissues.

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